I told myself I won’t regret looking his way. I was wrong. Every time I recall his name, his voice, his face and all the things that happened, I have the urge to cry. Not because I miss him. But because I regret letting him have the opportunity to break my heart. We all deserve to be truly loved. I let myself be fooled for the first time thinking that it was real. Now I’m cautious—-Probably more cautious than I’ve ever been.

On First Attraction or First Love

Maybe first attraction or first love, whatever you call it, happens so our eyes will be opened. That not all guys are the Prince Charmings we read about when we were kids. That some of them are jerks. And some of us happen to meet them and unfortunately fall for them.
But then for some of us, this is a way for us to be a lot stronger. So the next time we get hurt, we know that we will soon move on.

A Secret

Hiding, that’s what we did
Criticizing, that’s what you did
Confiding, that’s what I did

Losing contact, that’s what caused
Patience dwindling, that’s when we fought
No apology could repair what we lost

And yet, the memory of us hiding in secret can never be revealed

My eyes were closed

As is the canvas, it was blank and void of any color or shade
But summer breeze took me and the flower’s fragrance evade
I saw myself tumble and fall to the ground where I laid

My eyes were closed and yet I saw a work of art
It was unlike any other I have witnessed so far
I was engrossed to the point that I couldn’t let myself part

The mind whispered to stop its musings
It knows that I was only hallucinating
The fall was hard but now with eyes open I fill the canvas with a more beautiful painting

   Ella Matthews is pretty much convinced that whatever love has to offer died with her humanity 500 years ago. Occupying her time as a supermodel, she encounters someone that might change her mind; Nicholas, an upcoming actor playing a vampire in a TV show.

     But it soon revealed that the tangled web of the past molds recent events and that people aren’t what they appear. And to think that being a vampire is difficult enough, but add flashing lights and its a whole new level. Lights…Camera…&…Bloodshed!